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Give Back

By | August 7th, 2017|Dental Lab, Uncategorized|

We consider ourselves blessed to be a business who has remained relevant and going strong for almost 50 years and we believe it’s important to give back through different organizations and opportunities such as Dental Lifeline Network/Donated Dental Services, AACD Give back a smile, and [...]

Rapid Pace Advancements in Dental Technology

By | July 18th, 2017|Uncategorized|

Dental Technology has come a long way from wooden dentures to full arch implant prosthesis and it keeps changing at an extremely rapid pace. Over the years we have seen unbelievable technology introduced in our field and for almost 50 years we’ve been a lab [...]

Tooth Tattoos in Cosmetic Dentistry

By | April 21st, 2017|Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Lab|

Every industry has its unique elements that bring a bit of fun and flair. In our industry, we are diligent in preparing cosmetic dental lab cases that meet and exceed the needs of the patient. This usually entails becoming our version of an artist in [...]

Why Choose a Dental Lab With a Warranty

By | April 7th, 2017|Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Lab, Warranty|

A perfect smile has been a source of confidence for many people. And with today’s modern innovations, a great set of pearly whites is no longer a thing of the past. Cosmetic dentistry is the art and process of aesthetically improving a person’s teeth and [...]

Spotlighting Our Own Crown and Bridge Team

By | March 30th, 2017|Bridges, Cosmetic Dentistry, Crowns, Dental Lab, Digital Dentistry|

It seems like in today's world new businesses start up all the time thinking they are going to revolutionize an industry. And to be fair, quite a bit of that does happen. However, that is more of the exception than the rule. When it comes [...]

Cosmetic Dentistry Insight From Dental Lab Technicians

By | March 23rd, 2017|Bridges, Certification, Cosmetic Dentistry, Crowns, Dental Lab, Implants, Porcelain, Smile Makeover, Veneers|

In the cosmetic dental lab industry, there are often times "reputable" labs that for some reason, seem to come and go over short periods of time. A reliable sign that a dental lab maintains high quality and a sound reputation is their longevity. Here [...]

Cosmetic Dental Work: Nice Shades

By | March 17th, 2017|Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Lab, Smile Makeover, Veneers|

Cosmetic dentistry continues to become extremely common as every year passes. People are becoming much more accustomed to the idea of smile makeovers and other cosmetic dental procedures, in order to enjoy natural looking restorations which instill within them a greater sense of confidence and [...]

Choosing a Certified Dental Lab Is a Must

By | February 23rd, 2017|Uncategorized|

A dental laboratory plays an important role in the career and daily work of a dentist. A certified dental lab is where much of the end product that a dentist places in the patient’s mouth takes place. More often than not, the standards it places [...]

Cosmetic Dental Work: Its History & Evolution

By | February 16th, 2017|Uncategorized|

Dentistry, in general has made significant advancements with the techniques and technologies dentists use for dental care. Cosmetic dentistry is no different. The advancements in science and technology has given patients a lot of choices when it comes to procedures to enhance their teeth’s appearance [...]

Quality Dental Labs, and How to Identify Them

By | February 9th, 2017|Certification, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Lab|

The quality and reputation of your work as a dentist depends, in part, on the quality of services provided by your dental lab. Dental lab work that is substandard will invariably reflect negatively on your practice. Because of this potential impact on your cases, reputation, [...]

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