A cosmetic dentist prevents and treats dental problems. He also provides dental solutions to enhance your mouth, teeth, and smile.

Cosmetic Dental WorkWhen you need cosmetic dental intervention to have a beautiful smile, you go to a dentist who is experienced, trustworthy, and highly regarded. You choose your dentist with care. You want somebody who will handle the cosmetic dental procedures you need with care and expertise.

What you may not know is that a dentist often requires the help of a cosmetic dental lab so he can complete remarkable dental work. The dentist checks and works on your teeth and then makes an impression or a mold (often digitally). The dental lab then makes the cosmetic dental prosthetic(s) based on the dentist’s instructions and specific needs of the patient.

Quality Dental Labs Make Cosmetic Dentistry Easier

While the types of cosmetic dentistry vary, cosmetic dentistry is seldom simple. Your dentist needs to diagnose your condition, determine what needs to be done, plan the necessary strategy, and carry out the work. He needs to have the necessary skills, but also the necessary experience. In a lot of these cases, the dentist will work closely with a reputable dental lab in order to leverage the experience and knowledge the lab has gained over the life of their business. Thus making the cosmetic dentistry procedures a much smoother process.

What Does a Cosmetic Dental Lab Do?

dental technicianA dental lab makes several types of dental prosthetics like dentures, crowns, retainers, bridges, implants and veneers. Some labs may also make anti-snoring devices, night guards, athletic mouth guards, and other orthodontic appliances.
Your dentist needs to choose the dental lab with which he partners with great care. He needs to see to it that the technicians of the lab understand what he wants done and has ways to clearly communicate back and forth with the lab and its technicians. The dentist should also verify that the lab and the technicians who handle the work are highly skilled and certified.

You want dental prosthetics that are made with care and precision to exact specifications. It is not enough to choose a good dentist. You must choose one who works with a reputable and quality cosmetic dental lab that only uses reliable and certified materials to make sure that the dental work fabricated complies with the highest standards of quality.

Who and What Makes the Dental Lab Work?

technician at dental labThe most trusted cosmetic dental labs employee highly skilled and trained technicians known as CDT’s, or Certified Dental Technicians. It is not enough for exceptional technicians to know fabrication procedures. They must also be well-versed in dental materials, dental anatomy, and infection control. They must be able to apply their knowledge and expertise on any task – be it the simplest veneer inlay or the most intricate and sophisticated restorative set. They also maintain the CDT designation through continued professional study and training.

A Quality Lab Communicates

The best dental labs, the ones who set the bar a little higher and provide a greater level of service, are not only skilled and experienced but they are also pleasant, thorough, and responsive customer care and service. The dental lab will make sure that their technicians understand and fulfill exactly what the dentist wants to be done, and/or consults with the dentist to make sure the appropriate treatment plan is developed. It ensures that every product is delivered promptly and efficiently.

Picking the Right Cosmetic Dental Lab Can be Challenging

A dentist faces a big risk when he hires a dental lab to help design and fabricate dental restorations. If he hires the services of a laboratory that turns out work that is below-par, the dental prosthetics may look unnatural or fake. He needs to choose with care. He needs to work with a dental lab that is able to maintain the highest quality standards in their work.
If you are considering having cosmetic dental work done, make sure that you choose the right people. Go to an experienced reputable dentist who uses a cosmetic dental lab of good reputation and credibility.