If you asked them, any honest member of a sports team, orchestra, or successful company would tell you that in order to reach the pinnacle of their profession it takes quality team members on all levels. As a dental lab specializing in cosmetic dentistry services, we are no different. From the newest employee to the original founder, every person plays a critical role on our team.

Today is our opportunity to shine a little light on a few of our team members responsible for our porcelain work.

Treasure Dental Lab’s Pocelain Pro’s

  • John Treasure
  • Cresta Albertson
  • Kathy Hanni
  • Clint Hall
  • Jeremy Wright

John Treasure – CDT, Co-Owner

John’s dad was the founder of Treasure Dental Lab back in 1968 and instilled in John a passion for putting quality into everything he did. After having grown up working with hid father, john decided to jump with “both feet in” in 1995 and has been with the company full-time ever since. John is highly qualified and has received his degree from the American Institute of Medical and Dental Technology. He has received L.V.I. and P.A.C.-live training along with many other hands-on courses. He is a proud member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and continues to attend every annual scientific session since 1998. John received his Bachelor Degree in Business Management from Idaho State University. In part because of this connection, Treasure Dental Lab has a solid reputation and connection with the university.

When asked what he enjoyed about his career at Treasure Dental Lab he replied, “I can truly say I love my job because each and every case is unique and custom made for the patient. I enjoy working closely with the Dentists to provide excellent service for the patients.”

Outside of the office, John can be found fishing, 4-wheeling, snowmobiling, camping, and basically spending time outdoors. This especially true if he can spend the time with his beautiful wife and three wonderful daughters.

Dental Lab Owner
dental lab porcelain tech

Cresta Albertson – CDT

Cresta is one of our longest residing team members. She joined the Treasure Dental team in 1993 after receiving her degree in Applied Dental Technology, also from ISU. She has also received P.A.C.-live and L.V.I. advanced training, attends regular Spear Study Club meetings with local specialists, in addition to many other training courses offered by some of the best in the country.

Asked what she loves about working in a quality dental lab is that “it allows me to be artistic. I love working with my hands to create beautiful smiles, making people feel good about themselves, and appreciating the before and after results.”

In her free-time she enjoys spending time with her son. In fact, anytime she can be with family and friends is a good time.

Kathy Hanni – CDT

Kathy has also a long-time member of Treasure Dental Lab and has been part of our team since 1992, the first 7 of which were spent in the crown and bridge department, but since then has been in the porcelain department. Kathy is a graduated from Ferris State University and has been a Certified Dental Technician since 1995. In addition to many advanced training courses in ceramics, Kathy has received specialized training for the “all-on 4” implant supported dentures.

When asked about her work, she replied, “I love being able to create a product that makes the patient feel better about themselves.”

When she’s not at Treasure Dental Lab, Kathy enjoys snowmobiling, snowboarding, and boating. She also loves being in the outdoors and spending time with her family, friends, and dogs.

certified dental lab technician

Clint Hall – CDT

In 2000 Clint joined our dental lab as a member of the porcelain team. He has a B.S. in Biology from Idaho State University and has received porcelain training at the American Institute of Medical and Dental Technology.

Clinton said, “I love the opportunity to improve, learn more, and progress here at Treasure Dental Lab. I also enjoy knowing what is expected and working to achieve the desired results.”

In his spare time Clinton enjoys fishing, hunting, 4-wheeling, camping, and time he can spend with his wife and 3 girls.

Jeremy Wright – CDT

Jeremy was hired to work in the porcelain as well as the crown & bridge departments back in 2005. He graduated from the American Institute of Dental Technology in 2001 and was also an instructor over the dental laboratory program at the American Institute for 6 months. Jeremy brings much expertise to his job here and has been to many advanced ceramic courses including advanced training in IPS E.max & CZR with Brad Jones & Dane Barlow, & Bill Parks. He has also attended the Pankey Institute Course in waxing and occlusion.

He had this to say about his job at Treasure Dental, “I enjoy the professional atmosphere from top to bottom. The reputation for high quality and great service are among my reasons for choosing Treasure Dental Lab as the place I wanted to go.” Jeremy enjoys the ability to work with his hands creating restorations that positively improve people’s lives.

When not working Jeremy enjoys spending time with his wife and children, exploring the outdoors, sporting events and all the activities that go along with raising a family.

cosmetic dental lab tech

We are very proud of our team members and what they help us achieve as a company. It enable us to provide the kind of top quality cosmetic dental lab products that our dentists have come to love and continue to request. Our porelain team does a fantastic job and are all great employees. Better yet, they are wonderful people who are great contributors to the community.