For a full service cosmetic dental lab, which provides services to dentists all across the United States, striking a balance between open flexibility and “sticking with what works” can sometimes be a challenge. At Treasure Dental Lab, our 48 years of experience has taught us that trends come and go and technology is always…always advancing. Over the past several years we have seen a steady rise dentists who embrace these new technologies. As they continue to look for ways to provide superior service to their patients, we too aim to exceed the expectations of our dentists.

What is the Best Digital Impression System

dental lab digital impressionOne of the areas that has enabled us to meet these expectations is our integration of several digital impression systems. Of course, not every dentist uses the same systems to take impressions with, and so we find ourselves in the position of needing to be well-versed in the use and operation of many types. Each has its own specific uses and strengths. And while we are able to accept impressions for many systems, there is one system type in particular that we recommend. From our perspective as a professional dental lab, the Trios® by 3Shape provides the absolute best in digital impressions. We have yet to find and particular function or feature available in another impression system that cannot be performed either, equal to or better by Trios®.

For those wondering why we would advocate so much for this particular system, please note this opinion is not paid for or even asked for. Quite simply, we just wanted to share the benefits as we see them in hopes that it may enlighten any current or future dentists wondering which tech to spend their hard-earned money on.

The Trios® by 3Shape is a complete digital impression solution.

Easy to use for Dentists

The dentists we know that use this system give us glowing reviews when it comes to their ability to take clear impressions quickly and easily. As any dentist or dental staff member will tell you, when you are treating many patients at a time, every minute counts. And we all know minutes are dollars.

Trios® Digital Impressions are more lifelike than others

Trios Digital ImageryWhen compared to digital impressions sent in to us from dental practices that use other systems, the Trios® impressions had such a high-quality resolution and imagery to them that that gave our dental techs a much more lifelike or realistic picture, which we could then use for crowns and bridges, veneers, and even surgical guides.

Shade Matching is Easier

One of the finer details that this particular system provides is intricate details regarding tooth shading. For a dental lab or dentist who prides themselves on smile makeovers or even just completing single centrals, having the most accurate representation of shading along with color is critical.

Good Digital Impressions Help You Envision the End Product

For those still considering which type of system to purchase and use for sending in digital impressions, there’s really no better option available at this time than Trios®. However, we do realize that there are other great solutions as well. But from our experience seeing many types on hundreds and hundreds of cases, the most flexible system in terms of application and use is Trios®. It simply makes manipulation and envisioning of the end product easier and lifelike.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other specific digital impression system. Don’t hesitate to contact us