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At Treasure Dental Lab we create beautiful restorations that will make your patients smile and make you stand out as a premier dentist. Your patients will be eager to show their family and friends their amazing results, which will help create more business for you and your practice. As a certified dental lab, we pride ourselves on our experience, quality, and artistic ability to make magic happen. More details for the most common cases can be found below and we invite you to read more about our dental lab services.

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Cosmetic, Full Mouth & Smile Makeovers

At Treasure Dental Lab we understand the responsibility we have to our dentists and their patients to provide premier cosmetic dentistry solutions. On top of the general dental practice of prevention and treatment of disease, cosmetic dentistry is charged with improving the physical appearance of the patient’s teeth, mouth and of course, their smile. At Treasure Dental Lab we have been the trusted source for many dental lab services. Chief among them are full mouth restorations, bridges, veneers, crowns, and other cosmetic needs. Since 1968 we have provided professional service of the highest quality, that’s nearly 50 years. As a result our patients mouths speak for themselves, creating additional business for our dentist’s. We invite you to contact us for a free starter packet and see how our cosmetic lab work can be the right solution for your patient’s.


Diagnostic wax-ups are done in order to provide the patient with a tangible visual of the before and after status of the work. It is much easier for a patient to understand and commit to the procedure when they have the wax up models. While the proces of building a diagnostic wax up can be detailed and time consuming, the idea behind the process is fairly simple. A model of the teeth will be created and marked with red to show places for needed reduction. Areas where the teeth can be added to are built up with beige wax. Thus showing what the teeth will look like when completed and brought into alignment.

We also provide a silicone matrix to make beautiful temporaries that look just like the wax-up. This gives us a trial run to make sure the patient likes the shape, length, color, and function of the temps. If any additional changes are required then impressions of the temps can be made in order to fabricate the final restorations.

At Treasure Dental Lab, we offer the most up-to-date products for your restoration needs, including IPS E.max, Empress, Authentic, Lava, and Zirkonzahn. From completing Full mouth Smile makeovers to single crowns, we have the skill and training needed to provide beautiful results every time.

Our team of highly skilled technicians are ready to meet your needs through our Regular Cosmetic Department as well as our Advanced Technical Cosmetic Department. Both departments use the same high-quality materials in fabricating all restorations, but our Advanced Technical Department utilizes technicians who are Las Vegas Institute and P.A.C Live trained to provide exceptional results from single crowns to full mouth rehabilitations, and they will be completed on aesthetic articulated model work with cases that have full arch impressions. There is a box to check on top of the RX form if you wish to use the Advanced Technical Department. Whichever department you choose to use, you will not be disappointed with the beautiful precise restorations you receive.

All of the Veneers, Crowns, and Bridges completed for both departments are checked throughout the fabrication process under microscopes and have to pass through several QCA checkpoints. This helps insure the high standard of quality, function and accuracy of each case before it gets shipped, and all of our restorations are back by our 5-10 limited warranty depending on the choice of material used.

Materials Used

IPS Empress has evolved into the “gold standard” for both dental professionals and patients.  The leucite-reinforced glass-ceramic provides high esthetics and accuracy of fit.  This product demonstrates exceptional light-optical properties and strength values of 160 Mpa.  The highly esthetic all-ceramic single tooth restorations, such as inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers blend in seamlessly with surrounding dentition.

Seating Recommendation: The quality and durability of Empress All-ceramic restorations can be supported by the correct use of Adhesive Cementation luting material. 

IPS E.max Press Lithium Disilicate is a very versatile material that we use for crowns, veneers, miminal or no-prep veneers, inlay/onlays, and small span bridges in both the anterior and posterior of the mouth.   The Press technique has established itself as the state-of-the-art processing method over the past 25 years and it has become synonymous with esthetic and accurately fitting all-ceramic restorations.  The esthetic properties have been optimized with four levels of opacity for case planning in addition to the improved flexural strength of 400 MPa.  We are recommending that these restorations be adhesively cemented in order to get the maximum strength.

Seating Recommendations:  The high strength of IPS e.max lithium disilicate offers dentists a choice to adhesively bond or conventionally cement their restorations.  We strongly recommend that these restorations be adhesively cemented in order to get the maximum strength.  The following cements help to maximize the performance and esthetics of IPS e.max restorations:

For maximum bond strengths and in situations where adequate retention is not possible in the prep design (e.g. veneers, inlays/onlays) adhesive cementation is recommended. There are no minimum requirements for adhesive cementation. Adhesive cementation will provide higher-immediate bond strengths and a better marginal seal.

Self-adhesive resin cements combine an easy conventional cementation technique, with the advantages of “resin luting-composite”; increased strength, low solubility, high-level radiopacity and light-cure capabilities. Due to the lower bond strengths offered by this category of cements, it is strongly recommended that self-adhesive resin cements only be utilized in situations where a conventional cement would normally be used; retentive prep design, high-strength restoration with adequate thickness and tight fit.

 Authentic is a low fusing, leucite reinforced, pressable ceramic that we use for all porcelain crowns, veneers and Maryland/inlay bridge restorations.  It is great for crowns and veneers because of its natural color appearance with beautiful fluorescent and opalescent qualities and its versatility makes it perfect for combination cases.  Because of its natural color appearance it matches the oral surroundings perfectly and the Leucite crystals create a very homogenous structure which comes very close to the natural enamel in surface hardness and plaque affinity.
 This is a highly translucent Zirconia which is used in conjunction with a specialized colouring technique that eliminates the use of veneer ceramics in the functioning area. In this way, aesthetically pleasing full-zirconia restorations, i.e. the Prettau® Bridge can be realized.   Prettau® Zirconia is the material of choice for frequently occurring problems like reduced available space, bruxism or ceramic chipping.  It offers a functional and at the same time aesthetical solution.

We use this material for single crowns & bridges to full mouth reconstruction.  This highly biocompatible and non-porous material distinguishes itself through its extremely high translucency and perfectly natural appearance.   Sintered Prettau Zirconia, owing to its own special material composition, displays incredible density and smoothness which causes practically no abrasion to natural dentition.  Prettau® Zirconia is partially stabilized with yttrium and enriched with aluminium. This results in positive material properties like a high bending strength of up to 1,570 MPa,  a high temperature resistance (of up to 2,600°C), as well as a constant shrinking factor granting the highest possible precision.

Seating Recommendations: Cementation can be accomplished using proven, conventional techniques with Self Adhesive Resin Cements, Luting Cements and Glass Ionomer Cements

The Lava All-ceramic system is an innovative Cad/Cam technology using zirconium oxide base.  The durability and esthetics of Lava restorations represents the optimum in all-ceramic systems.  Colorable frameworks that are thin and translucent ensure a natural and vital appearance with life-like translucency and high strength (1440 Mpa).  The result is a restoration ideal for single crowns, three to six unit bridges ups to 42 mm span, splinted crowns (up to six units) cantilever bridges and multiple abutments that offer strength, stability and outstanding marginal fit.  We use two techniques with our Lava system, Porcelain Handstack or CZR Press over the top of the Lava copings.

Seating Recommendations: Cementation can be accomplished using proven, conventional techniques with Self Adhesive Resin Cements, Luting Cements and Glass Ionomer Cements

Implant Supported Full Arch Cases

Implant Supported Full Arch Cases – From All-on-4 to teeth in a day or Diem Full Arch cases we have you covered. There is a lot of time, effort and expense that goes into dental implant cases and it’s important that you partner with a qualified lab who knows how to do them right. We understand the process from start to finish and can help from the treatment planning to surgical guides, temporaries and final restorations. Let us help make the process smooth, easy and predictable. Contact us today.


This is the Cadillac of restorations. We use a combination of a custom milled titanium bar with individual E.max crowns cemented to the bar with pink composite tissue, prodiving the ultimate in esthetics and durability-no denture teeth to wear down.

For those implant patients that want a permanent solution that looks great and has the best strength we can provide a ZirhonZahn Prettau bridge. We leave all the posterior teeth and the lingual and incisal of the anterior teeth in the strong monolithic zirconia and only layer the facials of the anteriors to provide nice esthetics. We cement titanium bases in the bridge so you are torquing to metal.

Our Hybrid dentures are a economically priced restoration that look great and will provide your patients with a quality of life that dentures lack thus improving their speech, function and self esteem. We have partnered with Nobel Bio-care for our titanium bars and Ivoclar’s Ivobase for the densest acrylic. We use only premium denture teeth, Ivoclar’s Blue line and Phonares II for a durable and beautiful hybrid denture.

When a patient has been edentulous for a long time and needs the denture flange to support their face, an overbar denture works great. We can use locators, ball attachments, clips, or locking pin attachments. We use a metal substructure that caries the load against the bar helping to not wear out the attachments.

This is the most accurate method to digitally design the case from a CBCT scan and a scan appliance. We can look the patients bone and determine where to best place the implants.
This ensures an accurate placement of the implants with a proper A-P spread and makes the case goes quicker and smoother with better results. This is a great tool for teeth in a day concept.
We provide a clear suck down essix guide that shows where the teeth are located and can be used to improve the implant placement, making it much more accurate.
We can provide a very nice interim denture that will be the same material and teeth as the final, giving us a trial run. You can convert it to immediate load for the teeth in a day concept.
We can provide composite, acrylic or pmma temporaries that will work great during the healing and integration phase.
For our local doctors we offer to do the chair side conversion of the denture to immediate load. Your patients will love having a fixed denture and not having the palate during the healing stage.

General Dentistry Restorations

These are your every-day restorations that deserve just as much attention to quality and detail as the cosmetic and full-mouth cases, and we can help provide consistent results that look beautiful. As a certified dental lab, we spend the time and effort to make sure your seat time is quick and easy, thus making your job less stressful. Our experience has proven that as help you become successful with your cases, we create a win, win, win situation for us, you and of course, the patient. Contact Treasure Dental Lab today to learn more.


  • All Porcelain Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, Inlays-Onlays
  • Full Zirconia Crowns and Bridges
  • Porcelain to Metal Crowns and Bridges
  • Gold Crowns, Bridges, Inlays-Onlays
  • Implants

Digital Dentistry

Treasure Dental Lab is excited be in the dental profession as digital impressions are becoming more and more main stream with every passing day. Advancements in Digital Dentistry and its technologies continue to make dentistry easier, faster, accurate and more comfortable for your patient.

Having worked with digital impressions for over 5 years, we are happy to accept digital files from all the major digital impression companies. We can help take care of your digital needs. To find out more about out integration with digital impressions contact us anytime.

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