When it comes to choosing a professional dental lab for cosmetic dentistry, seeing is believing. Patients and dentists know that the lab work needs to be perfect. Afterall,  we are talking about the smiles that people wear every day. In fact, earlier this year we published a blog which referenced several different studies that examined the effects of smiles or smiling. One of the interesting findings mentioned in that smile article, is that the students who smiled bigger in their yearbook photos went on to be more successful in several life categories. How a smile looks plays a major part in how much the individual actually wears his/her smile.


To that end we have several images of cases that our cosmetic dental lab team have worked on from all across the country. While we would love to be able to spotlight every single case that we work on, it just simply isn’t feasible. However, today we have decided to select a few of them just to wet your appetite. For a more comprehensive look at our work you can view our entire gallery here. You can also view some of our behind the scenes processes in our cosmetic dental lab video.


Authentic crowns

Dr. Kevin Landers, out of Chicago, IL has been a long-standing partner of Treasure Dental lab for many years. Recently he sent us this case in which his male patient was looking to replace several of his chipped and worn down teeth. After the standard consultation procedure with his patient. It was decided to move forward with Authentic Ceramic Crowns.

Empress Veneers

Another longstanding partner dentist of ours out of Pueblo, CO sent a case to use a couple of years ago for a female. In her particular case she and Dr. Ralph Downey had determined that Empress Veneers would be the best treatment for her cosmetic dentistry needs. All of us loved the way it all turned out, especially the patient.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation cases are often challenging, but never something we shy away from at all. We relish the opportunity to think outside the box, and that was certainly the case here. When Dr. Amanda Canto from Houston, TX came to us with this case we knew that we would have to get a little creative. But boy it worked out excellently. The patient was missing some centrals and needed the right fix. WE ended up turning laterals into central, cuspids into laterals, and bicuspids into cuspids.

Bridge & Crowns

This male patient’s case came out of Baltmore, MD through Dr. Edward Lazer. He needed to replace a lateral incisor which we did with an Authentic Metal Encapsulated Bridge, as well as improve the overall look of his smile which was accomplished with Authentic crowns.

Understanding what a specific product and case will end up looking like can be a bit stressful and challenging at times, but we want you to know that at Treasure Dental Lab, we are right here with you every step of the way. We are happy to discuss, consult, and help plan out any cosmetic dentistry case. Hopefully, the case studies above or any of the rest of them found in our gallery are able to provide a little insight into the quality and professinalism that is of the highest standard in our lab. For any questions or to request a free starter packet for your dental practice, contact us here.