As part of Treasure Dental Lab’s ongoing commitment to continuing education and trainings, we want to make sure that our dentists and those that follow us are aware of upcoming trainings and events that are being held. With the varying opportunities that present themselves we feel it may worth noting which events are particularly noteworthy and which we endorse. Not all events are feasible for everyone, but it is important to at least be aware of what might be going on. Below are just a couple of great chances to learn more about the dental profession, its developing technologies, and the role that the dental labs play in the industry.

If you feel that there are trainings and events that others would be able to greatly benefit from, please contact us of the upcoming dates and whenever possible we will be glad to help promote them within our channels of influence.

For now, pull out your calendar take a look at the upcoming events.

There are no upcoming events to display at this time.