We are proud to partner with quality minded Dentists who value treating their patients with the most natural looking and longest lasting restorations available. We treat each case as if it were our own. That means using only the best products and techniques to create Beautiful Smiles Every time.

We are not just here to promote dental restorations we are a valuable resource to help with treatment planning your cases to ensure the best possible outcome for your patients.


We ensure our staff stays up to date on the leading edge of technology by participating in Continuing Education programs.
Ask us about our techniques!

Who We Are – Treasure Dental Lab

We employ the highest caliber of master technicians who take pride in their work by putting their signature on every case. You and your patients get beautiful results made with the finest quality, state-of-the-art materials.

We take pride in our work. It’s more than caring about our dentists, we care about the patients too. Our portfolio is full of beautiful restorations made to fit our clients to perfection. Check out our Gallery now.
At Treasure Dental Lab, we have the resources of Lava™, Lava™ CZR Press, Lava™ Milled Full-Zirconia, Authentic, E-Max,  Empress, GC Lisi, Sinfony, Noritake EX-3 Porcelain to Metal, and Full-Gold at our fingertips. Learn more about our services here.
We look forward to getting to know you and working together as a team to produce beautiful smiles for your patients. You will find working with our office is very enjoyable due to our friendly and helpful staff. Contact us for more information here.


What better testimonial can be offered for a laboratory than choosing them to fabricate the porcelain veneers I have on my own teeth? I get compliments on my teeth from my patients every single day. These compliments have opened the door to countless conversations about what cosmetic dentistry options my patients can consider for themselves. My patients find it impressive that I will entrust their dental restorations to the same professionals I used for my own.

I make it a point to offer my patients the same high standards of care that I would want for myself and my loved ones. I have found over the years that Treasure Dental Laboratory shares this same goal. They are consistently available, hard-working, and skilled. They are excellent communicators and will always go the extra mile to make certain that the services they provide are second to none. Working with Treasure Dental Laboratory makes me the best dentist I can possibly be. I intend to continue working with Treasure Dental Laboratory for the entirety of my career, I cannot imagine practicing dentistry without them. Thank you John and Sheri, and the rest of the team, for partnering with me in providing my patients with exceptional dentistry.

Dr. Lindsey M. Hoppe, DDS, Austin, Texas
My experience with your lab has been more than I could have ever expected. You make me look like an artist with the results we are seeing in our patients. I am overwhelmed and the patients’ reactions are over the top. Your dedication and commitment to excellence is second to none. I personally have felt that firsthand when you accompanied me to the prep session and seat session (6 days total – separate trips) at LVI for the full mouth course. We really worked as a team and have been doing the same ever since.

So if you are wanting a dental lab that will exceed your expectations, deliver superior customer service, and produce beautiful restorations, call Treasure Dental. You will be making the right choice.

Dr. Edward Lazer, DDS, Baltimore, Maryland
We are all aware of the stresses involved with the practice of dentistry. Treasure Dental Lab effectively eliminates a source of great disruption to any dental practice – inconsistent lab work.

Our patients demand the highest quality and expect no less than the very best from my fee-for-service practice. My twelve-year association with Treasure Dental Lab has been most reassuring, leaving me worry free to enjoy the things in life which are more important – like playing golf with my son!

Dr. Eugene C. Greco, DDS, Southampton, New York
Treasure Dental Lab has served me well for the past 26 years. They reflect many of my own values as far as patient care and dental quality are concerned. Their technicians are true artists and sticklers for detail. In a world where “fast and cheap” has become so commonly accepted, it is refreshing to know people who care more about quality than pouring out quantity. I appreciate the fact that as a general rule, the porcelain work they return to my office fits so well that no adjustment or additional staining is required. I can confidently recommend them to any dentist who is seeking a dental lab which provides beautiful work at a reasonable price.
Dr. Jay Harris, DDS, Idaho Falls, Idaho
In my experience, Treasure Dental Lab provides the best crown and bridge product. They are very conscientious and willing to go the extra mile. Our patients are delighted!
Dr. James Willis DDS, Polson, Montana


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