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Cosmetic Dentistry Insight From Dental Lab Technicians

In the cosmetic dental lab industry, there are often times "reputable" labs that for some reason, seem to come and go over short periods of time. A reliable sign that a dental lab maintains high quality and a sound reputation is their longevity. Here [...]

Cosmetic Dental Work: Nice Shades

Cosmetic dentistry continues to become extremely common as every year passes. People are becoming much more accustomed to the idea of smile makeovers and other cosmetic dental procedures, in order to enjoy natural looking restorations which instill within them a greater sense of confidence and [...]

Choosing a Certified Dental Lab Is a Must

A dental laboratory plays an important role in the career and daily work of a dentist. A certified dental lab is where much of the end product that a dentist places in the patient’s mouth takes place. More often than not, the standards it places [...]

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Cosmetic Dental Work: Its History & Evolution

Dentistry, in general has made significant advancements with the techniques and technologies dentists use for dental care. Cosmetic dentistry is no different. The advancements in science and technology has given patients a lot of choices when it comes to procedures to enhance their teeth’s appearance [...]

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Quality Dental Labs, and How to Identify Them

The quality and reputation of your work as a dentist depends, in part, on the quality of services provided by your dental lab. Dental lab work that is substandard will invariably reflect negatively on your practice. Because of this potential impact on your cases, reputation, [...]

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What is a Cosmetic Dental Lab?

A cosmetic dentist prevents and treats dental problems. He also provides dental solutions to enhance your mouth, teeth, and smile. When you need cosmetic dental intervention to have a beautiful smile, you go to a dentist who is experienced, trustworthy, and highly regarded. You choose [...]

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Dental Lab Cream Rises to the Top

Give me a group of 100 people and I’ll show you 98 of them that love to squirt whipped cream straight from the aerosol can into their mouth. We all love it and that’s all well and good, and quite frankly, downright delicious. That is [...]

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6 Ways Cosmetic Dentistry Improves Smiles

Sometimes, understanding the different types of cosmetic dental work can be a bit overwhelming. As a premier cosmetic dentistry lab, we'd like to help clear up some of this confusion and offer an easy-to-read infographic on some of the most basic and often-used procedures. However, if [...]

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Intraoral Scanner, The Wondrous Wand of Magic

Nearly every little girl grows up dreaming of becoming her own Cinderella. A beautiful princess with a glorious gown and sparkling smile that lights up the room upon her entering. While this fairy tale can seem much more like fantasy than reality for most of [...]

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Giving Back Through Dental Care Charities

Did you know that dental care is the most overseen medical care? This is why there is a growing need for dental care and volunteers in underdeveloped parts of the world. Dental care is not seen as important or in many cases it is not [...]

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