Ten Reason’s We Are Grateful

At this wonderful time of year, when we tend to spend more time reflecting upon how many wonderful blessings we have in our lives, we at Treasure Dental Lab wish to publicly express some of the innumerable things which we are grateful for. At Treasure Dental Lab we are grateful that:

We work in an industry […]

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Simplifying Implant Placement

We are excited to partner with 360 Imaging to provide guided surgery for all major implants. From single implants to full arch implants, we are an authorized Dental Lab that will help you bring the digital revolution to your implants by providing the planning, placement , temporary and restorative  restorations.

The beauty of working with Treasure […]

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A Certified Peace of Mind

Having a Certified Dental Lab and Technicians Offers Security
As part of our on-going effort to establish and maintain a bar of professional excellence which the dental lab industry demands, Treasure Dental Lab is committed to attaining professional certifications on multiple levels. Since 1974 we have been an active member of the National Association of Dental […]

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Teeth Terrifying Candies

Halloween is a holiday full of tradition, cute costumes, pumpkin everything and candy galore. For those of us at Treasure Dental Lab, Halloween brings with it an extra fright when we consider the enormous amounts of candy consumed at this time of year. Like anyone else, we love seeing the creative costumes and the excitement […]

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Full Arch Dental Implants

For those that have followed us over the past several years, you are probably well aware that Treasure Dental Lab offers a vast array options for restoring a patient’s smile. These options cover anything from a single tooth cosmetic or a full-mouth restoration. As a dental implant lab that prides itself on the highest quality […]

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The Single Central Challenge

As a Dental Lab that prides itself on matching restorations seamlessly to a patient’s natural teeth, one of the most challenging and yet rewarding procedures is what we call a single central. This is an extremely difficult challenge for lab technicians because of the visual prominence of the tooth and its location.

Several factors need to […]

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Understanding Dental Implants

For aesthetic purposes, Dental implants are the next best thing to natural, healthy teeth because they look like the real thing. So what are their benefits?

• Stable and strong, implants restore lost teeth as if you’ve never lost them while other options may lead to deterioration of the bone and can interfere with speaking, smiling, […]

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Dental Labs: On The Case

Dental schools are wonderful and they are a vital source of very valuable information and foundational training within the dental industry, but let’s face it, most students who graduate from dental school do not get the necessary laboratory training and education. This is a HUGE missed opportunity that must be made up for in some […]

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Choosing a Dental Lab

Finding and maintaining a strong relationship between a dentist and a dental lab is no small task. It can be incredibly challenging to forge a relationship that will withstand the pressures of the industry. In fact a study done in 2013 by, stated that within the next five years there’s a 50 percent chance […]

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Questions To Ask Your Dental Lab

When seeking a new certified dental lab to begin a partnership there are many questions that could, and should be asked. Depending on the practice and the objectives of said practice, some questions may vary and shuffle in priority. However, below is a list of 6 questions that are imperative to inquire about when new […]

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