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A Dental Lab’s Answers to 5 Common Smile Makeover Questions

What are the most common procedures used for cosmetic dentistry or smile makeovers? Smile makeovers can vary greatly in terms of depth and scope. There are many procedures that all fall under the term “smile makeover”. From veneers, crowns, bridges, bonding and even teeth whitening, [...]

Cosmetic Dentistry Case Studies Part 2

In today's world, seeing really is believing. Builder's have model homes, artists have galleries, car dealers have showrooms and dental labs? Well, we have a selection of real-life case studies and examples to see, but the challenge is that we don't have a "showroom" or [...]

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Lasting Impressions

For a full service cosmetic dental lab, which provides services to dentists all across the United States, striking a balance between open flexibility and "sticking with what works" can sometimes be a challenge. At Treasure Dental Lab, our 48 years of experience has taught us [...]

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Spotlight on Our Cosmetic Porcelain Team

If you asked them, any honest member of a sports team, orchestra, or successful company would tell you that in order to reach the pinnacle of their profession it takes quality team members on all levels. As a dental lab specializing in cosmetic dentistry services, [...]

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Dental Shipping Guide and Tools

Treasure Dental Lab has been in business doing cosmetic dental lab work for almost 50 years now and going strong.  Over that period of time we have evolved from a small 2 person lab to a 17 person lab, from doing business for a handful [...]

Why You Need a Dental Lab With a Warranty

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, patients deserve quality dental work done right. Work that will last from a dental lab with a warranty that provides the best possible products and the peace of mind that comes with a warranty, should anything need to be [...]

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Case Studies of a Cosmetic Dental Lab

When it comes to choosing a professional dental lab for cosmetic dentistry, seeing is believing. Patients and dentists know that the lab work needs to be perfect. Afterall,  we are talking about the smiles that people wear every day. In fact, earlier this year we [...]

Behind the Scenes of a Dental Lab

Understanding what a Dental Lab does can often be ambiguous. So as a follow-up to a recent article, in which we highlighted the amazing skill sets our dental technicians have, we decided to give you a sneak peek into what goes on within the walls [...]

Dental Hygiene Quiz

At Treasure Dental Lab we take oral healthcare seriously. But sometimes we lighten things up a bit (and we're not just talking about shades of dental veneers), so we found this interesting quiz on oral hygiene. If you think you know all there is about [...]

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Cosmetic Dentistry Wizards,… Not To Be Confused With The Tooth Fairy

What would a Dental Lab be without our talented Dental Technicians? A state-of-the-art building with four walls, a plethora of high-end equipment and FDA approved material and supplies, but no-one to utilize it! At Treasure Dental Lab, we are proud to work with a team [...]

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