What articulators do you use and recommend?

We are trained and equipped to use most well-known articulating systems, our preferred articulators are the Stratos, Sam and Panadent articulators.  Because of better accuracy in mounting, we prefer working with magnetic articulators . 

What is the best way to send photos

We accept all forms of photo images; e-mail, cd’s, thumb drives, actual photos.  Our preferred method is digital photos through email to ensure the most consistent quality.  You can send your digital photos to john@treasuredental.com 

Do you offer a RUSH service for special cases and is there a fee?

YES, we know occasionally there are extenuating circumstances that require a case be rushed and we try to accommodate those cases to the best of our ability.  Because this disrupts the intricate schedule of our normal case flow often times requiring overtime and off-hour time for our technicians to complete, there is a rush fee for these cases and they need to be called in and pre-scheduled before sending to the lab at which time we will quote the cost for the rush. (See below under turn-around time)

What is your turnaround time?

Advanced Technical work = 15 working days in the lab

Implant work =  15 working days in the lab

Regular work of  E.max, Lisi, , PFZ, Full-Zirconia, PFM, Gold & Composite = 7-10 working days in the lab (over 6 units = up to 10 working days)

Wax presentation cases = 10-15 working days in the lab (over 10 units = up to 15 working days)

Hybrid Full Arch Cases (see schedule in Resources under clinical guides and other forms)

How do I ship cases and what are the fees involved?

For our out-of-town dentists, we offer pre-printed shipping labels through UPS, USPS and Goferit (a local carrier) and there is a $5.00 shipping & handling fee on each patients case.  All impressions & bites should be disinfected and bagged before sending and all models should be wrapped properly to avoid damage, please staple the RX form to the OUTSIDE of the bag and then place in a box.  Please use the appropriate label and follow the protocol for scheduling a UPS pick-up.  When possible, please send multiple cases in one box. We will provide shipping boxes and labels upon request or you can pre-print, schedule and track your own labels from our website.

Does your lab offer minimal/no prep veneers?

Yes, we have been doing minimal/no prep veneers at TDL for over 30 years.  We can now do IPS e.Max for minimal and no prep veneers and have a beautiful result with a lot more strength than refractory.  They can be a great solution for patients not wanting their teeth prepped down, with a diastema to close, or as a smile enhancement option.  They cannot solve every problem, for tetracycline, dark or misaligned teeth, more reduction is required.  We can do small shade changes along with shape adjustments to create a better smile.  These veneers can be as thin as 0.3 mm thus helping to keep the veneers from being bulky.  We recommend doing a wax presentation case prior to these cases so that we can evaluate if any reduction is needed to achieve the desired results.

Can you accept Digital Impression Files?

Yes, we have been working with digital impressions since 2009 and we are happy to accept digital files from all the major digital impression companies. You can submit them through your software portal making sure you choose Treasure Dental Lab in Idaho Falls, ID or send and STL File to john@treasuredental.com.  We welcome the opportunity to take care of your digital needs on most cases, to find out more about integration with digital impressions please contact us anytime or see our Helpful Tips for Digital Impression form in Resources under Clinical guides and other forms.

Do you outsource your work to dental labs in foreign countries?

NO, our crown & bridge restorations are proudly manufactured in the USA.  As a Certified Dental Laboratory, we only use high-quality, name brand materials purchased from reputable, well-known suppliers in the dental industry.  We believe in the safety of your patients and our technicians and choose material that meets ADA standards.  You will receive an Ident-Alloy or Ident- Ceram sticker with each case listing the materials used for the substructure.