During this wonderful time of year, when hope is renewed and our faith in humanity is regained or sometimes simply recharged, we often come across wonderful stories of helping hands and kind hearts. As a society, we generally love to see the good in the world, especially when that world literally revolves around us.
That is why the following real-life experience and testimonial pulls a little tighter on the heart strings than others. One of our very own employees here at Treasure Dental, shares a life-changing story of someone near and dear to his heart, and in turn it is near and dear to ours. It is a perfect example of why we do what we do.

How a Smile can change someone’s life

I was recently involved with a smile makeover for a special lady in my life…my mom. This is a lady who never smiled, who always covered her teeth when laughing…in fact, I don’t think I ever remember even seeing her teeth at all!
With a lot of help from friends, we made it possible for her to receive a smile make-over. It completely changed her life! She went through 2 years of orthodontics, 3 tooth extractions and then received 26 new crowns, a combination of Zirkonzahn Full Zirconia and IPS e.Max. This all took place over the past several years.
My mom seems happier than ever before; smiling all the time, laughing more and she even looks younger. Multiple times she has had complete strangers tell her how pretty she is and what a beautiful smile she has…I’ve never seen her smile this much in my whole life!
My mom is awesome and now her smile is awesome. I never knew just how much a new smile could truly change someone’s life for the better. Those involved in helping give her this beautiful new smile are: Dr. Jeff Ybarguen, Dr. Jarrod Randall, Treasure Dental Lab; Adrian Eames, Josh Brizzee, MaryBeth Holverson, Jonathan Fleming, John Treasure, and I’m proud to say myself, Steve Parks.
Written by Steve Parks, CDT (employee at Treasure Dental Lab)

Thank You

We appreciate Steve and his mother allowing us to be just a small part of this beautiful process and letting us share their wonderful story. Cosmetic dentistry is not always easy or quick. Often times it is the result of tireless commitment on the part of the patient as much as it is the doctors and lab technicians involved, but how good it must feel to finally feel free to let that inner light shine through a world-class smile.