Dental laboratories understand the need to provide dentists with the tools to create premier dentistry solutions for their patients. Dental labs are able to provide their licensed dental partners with beautiful handcrafted restorations that will make your patient’s smile the talk of the town and show your skills as a premier Idaho Falls dentist. Dental labs are able to provide services like:

Cosmetic, Full Mouth, & Smile Makeovers

Diagnostic Wax-Up Presentations – It is much easier for patients to commit to a dental reconstruction procedure when they are able to see the results right in front of them. Wax-Ups created by your Idaho Falls dental lab, are used to provide a visual representation of the before and after of their mouth. A model of the patient’s mouth is created with a markup (usually in red) of where the reconstruction will occur during their makeover. Areas on the model where teeth can be built upon are usually constructed out of a beige colored wax. This shows what the mouth will look like after the makeover has taken place. For trial run presentations, we also offer a silicone matrix to make temporaries that look just like the original wax up. After the patient has seen the presentation, if they wish their dentist to make any changes, impressions of the temporaires can be made to create the final presentation and provide a blueprint for the restoration.

Dental lab articulatorVeneers, Crowns, & Bridges – Many dental labs are able to create beautiful smiles, no matter the severity of the patients oral health. An Idaho Falls dental lab will be able to create beautiful, natural products for just one tooth or a complete mouth makeover. Any veneers, crowns, or bridges created through a certified dental lab, like Treasure Dental, will have each of their products inspected before they are sent to the customer. Throughout the entire fabrication process, products are passed under microscopes and must comply to the standards enforced by the QCA. This insures that all of the products created by a dental lab in Idaho Falls maintain a high standard of quality, accuracy, and function. Find out more about material used to create these high quality restorations, here.

Implant Supported Full Arch Cases

For dentists and the dental labs they choose to fabricate their beautiful restorations, a lot of time and effort goes into dental implant cases. That’s why it’s very important to choose a quality Idaho Falls dental lab, that has volunteered to keep their business certified by the NADL. Some different products and services available at dental labs today for full arch cases include:

  • Pro-E.max Prosthesis Bridge – “The Cadillac of restorations” features a custom milled titanium bar with individual E. max crowns that are cemented to the bar using a pink tissue.
  • ZirkonZahn Prettau Prosthesis Bridge – This bridge provides patients with a strong, permanent solution that looks great.
  • Hybrid Denture – These hybrid dentures are economically priced and provide a wonderful alternative to traditional dentures. Using the best products to date, Treasure Dental is able to create a durable and beautiful product.
  • Hybrid Overbar Denture – An overbar denture works great for patients who need extra facial support. Using a metal substructure that carries the load, helps to increase the longevity of required attachments.
  • Nobel Clinician – Full Guided Implant Placement Design – The most accurate way to design a case from the CBCT scan and scan appliance.
  • Nobel Guide – Fully Guided Surgical Stint – A great tool for placing teeth in a day.
  • Semi Precision Guide -A clear guide that shows where teeth are located to assist in accurate implant placement.
  • Interim Denture – A trial run denture that is created out of the same materials and teeth as the final implant.
  • Temporaries – A great solution during the healing phase are temporaries made out of: composite, acrylic, or pmma.

General Dentistry Restorations

Dental Labs know how important everyday general dentistry restorations are to a dentist’s business. That’s is why great care is taken in providing the best general dentistry restorations for the public. Certified dental labs, spend the time and the effort creating beautiful restorations like crowns, bridges, and veneers, so the dentists can get back to taking care of the most important thing, their patients.

Digital Dentistry

360 implant x-rayDigital impressions are becoming more mainstream each day. With so many advances in technology in the dental field alone, it is important that dentists stay ahead of the curve by partnering with an Idaho Falls dental lab that provides Digital Dentistry. This type of dentistry lends a hand in creating dental work that is faster and much more accurate then it was even a few years ago. When choosing an Idaho Falls dental lab to work with be sure to choose one who can accept digital files from all major digital impression companies.

Finding The Best Idaho Falls Dental Lab

With many competing dental labs, it can be hard to know which one you should choose to partner with. Here are some tips and questions to ask before accepting a partnership offer with a dental lab.

  • Do they use ADA materials? As mentioned before, dental labs do not need to be certified in order to conduct business. However, be sure to always ask what certifications they have and that all of the materials they use in their facility are certified by the ADA. You can even ask to be shown the certification.
  • Are they using genuine manufacturer parts and hardware? There are many copycat manufacturers in the dental implant industry today. Be sure that you are getting genuine hardware for your dental restorations.
  • How do you perform quality checks on your materials and at your lab? Don’t be afraid to ask these types of questions. If there is a quick turn around time on their products you will want to make sure that every piece of material has been thoroughly examined. The dentist’s name is on their work, not the dental lab in Idaho Falls, so make sure that you ask the tough questions before making a decision.
  • Inspect their lab. If the particular Idaho Falls dental lab you are wanting to work with has nothing to hide, they won’t have a problem letting you take a peek at their work and processes. This includes talking with the staff and owner of the facility to see if the partnership is a good fit. Dental labs and dentists need to create a lasting relationship just like a dentist creates with their patients.

If you are looking to partner up with one of America’s most trusted certified dental labs in Idaho Falls, contact Treasure Dental to talk with us and get a tour of our facility. We can’t wait to start sharing our innovative and quality products and services with you.