With some of the major changes that have occurred in the last decade or so, it’s an exciting time to be in the dental profession. One of the biggest changes in that time is the advent of digital dentistry. Whether it’s digital extraoral and intraoral photography or digital dental impressions, technology is changing the way dentists work. As digital impressions become more and more mainstream, dentistry is becoming easier, faster, more accurate, and more comfortable for the patient than ever before.

Digital Impression for TeethHere at Treasure Dental Lab, we pride ourselves on staying on the leading edge of dental lab technology. In fact, we started working with digital impressions over 5 years ago! We are excited to announce that we can accept digital files from all of the major digital impression companies. Our experience with these files means that we can help take care of your digital needs. If you’re unsure about making the switch to digital dental impressions, check out our list of four benefits you gain from using this exciting new aspect of digital dentistry.

Benefits of Digital Dental Impressions

1. Improved Accuracy

Traditional impressions are often unclear. And even if they are clear, they can easily become torn or warped. A digital impression, however, does not have these problems. By avoiding these common impression problems, digital impressions represent a vast improvement in the accuracy of what gets sent to the lab.

2. Higher Quality Restorations

As a result of the improved accuracy, you get higher quality restorations. The accuracy of the impression translates directly to improved accuracy of the crown created. That means fewer adjustments, and spot-on contact points, occlusion and bite.

3. Faster Turnaround Times

Not only do you get a higher quality product, you can often get it less time. Digital impressions simplify the process both in your office and in our lab so that in many model-less cases, you can get high-quality results faster than ever.

4. Happier Patients

As a dentist, you’ve got to face it: patients hate having impressions made. That’s because traditional impressions tend to be incredibly uncomfortable. Switching to digital impressions simplifies the process and eliminates the need for patients to have impression material ooze through their mouths.


Every dentist wants accurate lab work completed quickly so that they can serve their patients better. At TDL, we can help you reach this goal. Contact Us Today so that we can help you get started.