Did you know that dental care is the most overseen medical care? This is why there is a growing need for dental care and volunteers in underdeveloped parts of the world. Dental care is not seen as important or in many cases it is not available to many children and adults. These kids suffer from oral diseases and pain every day. This is why Treasure Dental Lab participates with non-profit organizations every year to help bring dental care and education to less fortunate people around the world.

Why The Need For Dental Care?

In many parts of the world the world children are suffering from oral pain and diseases with no access to proper dental health care. There are only a few dentists in these areas and dental care is way beyond physical and financial reach. Most of the children that are treated in these programs are experiencing their first dental examination and treatment.

Children in these countries are suffering from gum disease, bone loss, and infections leading to systemic problems. The children are struggling with sleep, eating, self-esteem, and loss of teeth.

Why Treasure Dental Lab Makes It A Priority?

child dental careWe love to see the way dental treatment changes the lives of these children. We love to work with relief organizations because they bring critical oral health care and education to children. They work with children around the world and provide them with exams, cleanings, fillings, fluoride treatments, and extractions. They even take the time to teach children and parents critical oral health care skills. They also teach children how to brush their teeth and provide each of them with their own toothbrush. In many of these areas, some of them don’t have access to a toothbrush. If they do, they share it with their family members at home.

Volunteering & Bringing Happiness Every Year

Every year some of our professionals participate in this wonderful organization and provide assistance as cosmetic dental technicians. This trip provides us the opportunity to professionally give to those who are less fortunate. To do something for someone else out of the kindness out of our hearts brings us an unexplainable happiness. Changing the lives of these children mean more to us than any amount of money. Last year our Co-owner John Treasure volunteered in our annual medical-dental mission in Belize. We truly care about these children and love being smiles on their faces.

Why There Is A Need For Volunteers?

Dental health care is one of the most neglected types of healthcare. The World Health Organization says that 60-90 percent of children who live in disadvantaged areas have cavities and struggle with oral diseases. This is why there is big need for people and dental professionals to come and help make a difference

Anyone can volunteer in this unique opportunity. You don’t need to be a dental professional or studying to be in the healthcare field. You can simply volunteer without having to be in the medical field at all. There are various volunteer positions to help you be a part of this wonderful experience. They have positions for professionals and positions for people with no dental experience. There is a need for all kinds of volunteers to help serve hundreds of children in a short amount of days.

Making a difference in people’s life is something we value most. We love having our experts here at Dental Lab participate in this wonderful life changing experience every year. Help change lives by serving others.