Nearly every little girl grows up dreaming of becoming her own Cinderella. A beautiful princess with a glorious gown and sparkling smile that lights up the room upon her entering. While this fairy tale can seem much more like fantasy than reality for most of people, we also know that dreams really do come true if “you just start believing”. While there’s myriad of places that can take care of the gown, footmen, and coach, with the help of a magic wand a skilled cosmetic dentist can supply the smile.

With an Intraoral Scanner, getting an instant and accurate digital impression of your patient’s teeth truly is magical. No more errors, no more shipping costs for traditional impressions, and of course, no more wasted time. With a wave of the wondrous wand the magical transformation process begins. Get accurate impressions of your teeth with a simple sweep!

Intraoral Scanner Impressions vs. Traditional Impressions

dental impression moldWe all remember the joy that is the traditional impression. With a traditional impression a lot of time is used by the dental staff before you even sit in the chair. This time is spent preparing the workstation with all the necessary materials. Second, you as the patient, need to sit down and shut up while you hold, what feels like cement in your mouth in order to make the actual impression. Third, the dental staff has to wait for it to dry and then begin to trim and clean up the mold, prep it, package it, and send it to the lab. Think about this and consider the time and errors that can be cut down with an Intraoral Scanner and a digital impression. The process of a digital impression is much faster than a traditional impression. Your dentist can cut the process in half by using this amazing digital technology, something you’ll be the beneficiary of. Your entire mouth can be scanned in a matter of mere minutes and allow your dentist to see the images on his or her computer nearly instantaneously. Here’s how the magic happens.

What is digital scanning?

Digital impressions create a virtual replica of hard and soft tissues of your mouth. The Intraoral Scanner uses lasers and a concentrated light that helps create the virtual image. The light is completely safe and very precise. It captures all the details of your teeth and gums without the need to hold traditional molds with that not so flavorful goop, in your mouth. In minutes you get accurate impressions without leaving a sticky mess. The impression data is then whimsically whisked away and displayed onto the dentist’s computer.

Why use Intraoral Scanner Impressions?

intraoral-scannerDigital impressions are perfecting the communication between your dentist and the dental lab with which he or she works. No more confusing transitions. Impressions created from Intraoral Scanners help labs work in a digital environment. This enables the dental lab technician to create beautiful smiles with imaging software that can be changed and manipulated quickly and efficiently.

Digital scanning in cosmetic dentistry has helped create higher accuracy, eliminating unwanted errors. Digital scans can be viewed instantly and help your dentist instantly catch any errors. No more untimely calls from your dentist asking for an impression retake. Any errors caught can be fixed with a simple re-sweep from the Intraoral Scanner or, magic wand as it were.

In the interest of full disclosure, not all fairy tales do come true. However, that doesn’t mean that there can’t be magic in our lives, and there truly is something “magical” about a beautiful smile. At Treasure Dental Lab we are a part of this magic all the time as we work closely with so many wonderful cosmetic dentists who skillfully utilize the Intraoral Scanners to create digital impressions. If you’ve been considering a cosmetic dental procedure, but are concerned about the intrusiveness or time commitment, please contact us or your trusted dentist. Tell them Treasure Dental Lab sent you.