Dental Technology has come a long way from wooden dentures to full arch implant prosthesis and it keeps changing at an extremely rapid pace. Over the years we have seen unbelievable technology introduced in our field and for almost 50 years we’ve been a lab who believes in finding more advanced ways to deliver the best dental restorations possible, we have invested in and embraced a lot of the cutting edge techniques available and here are a few.


Digital Design Software has continued to expand over the years and we’ve been working with several software programs for many years.  We started working with the 3M Lava system for all of our 3M Lava restorations back in 2005 and they are still going strong.  We have also worked with Implant design systems over the years such as Nobel Procera, Straumann and Atlantis for implant abutments.  Over the past several years we have worked very closely with the 3Shape digital software program for designing our full zirconia restorations and have seen that area continue to grow.

Surgical Guide Software is relatively new and we are taking full advantage of this great technology to help design and produce  extremely precise implant placement and bone reduction guides through 360 Imaging  to best serve the needs of your implant patients

dental implant surgical guide


Dental Mills have become a very common but crucial part of our industry, after investing the time and experience in designing restorations through the digital design software, we rely heavily on the mill’s ability to do its job in producing the main substructure to many of our restorations such as Full Zirconia, Zirconia copings, PMMA temporaries, etc., We currently have several mills: Roland DWX Mill, 3M Lava Mill and the Jensen Preciso Mill.

Dental Scanners are the link between the dental software and the dental mill where we are able to scan the models to start the design process of the requested restorations.  We have several 3Shape scanners, 3M Lava Scanner, Nobel Procera Scanner, Straumann Scanner,  and our newest addition is the Sirona InEos X5 Scanner.

Intra-oral scanners have been around for many years and they have continued to improve both with their accuracy and function.  We have invested in the training and education to receive digital impressions from all major intra-oral scanner companies and we receive work regularly from numerous accounts through digital technology.


Full Zirconia is probably the fastest growing  products  available in dental technology, the choices of Zirconia are becoming endless and we continue to do necessary research and testing on the products we believe give the most life-like esthetics with the greatest strength.  You would think by the advertising out there that every one of the brands available are all equal in quality and beauty, but we have found that is just not the case.  We put in the time, effort and expense to make sure you receive the best results available for your patients.   We have even gone so far as to trademark our own Full-Zirconia restoration – BadAZ , which we use mostly on anterior cases needing  strength & aesthetics and our doctors are loving what they are seeing!

Lithium Discilicate is one of the best known products in our dental lab as we have been using IPS e.max for the majority of our cosmetic cases for many years now.  We have recently seen new products become available that we are in the process of researching & testing right now to compare with the consistency and success of the IPS e.max, some of these products are the GC Lisi Press and Dentsply Celtra Press.

Atlantis Conus Abutment is one of the newest implant options we recently started utilizing for manufacturing hybrid dentures for your edentulous patients.  We’ve been happy with the outcome of the cases we’ve completed using this technique over the past year.

As dental technology continues to make advancements, you can count on Treasure Dental Lab to invest in the leading edge technologies of our industry, making sure we provide you and your patients with what you deserve; the highest quality dental restorations available for your cosmetic, implant, specialty and general dental needs, we won’t settle for anything less.