When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, patients deserve quality dental work done right. Work that will last from a dental lab with a warranty that provides the best possible products and the peace of mind that comes with a warranty, should anything need to be corrected. However, did you know that there are 20% fewer dental labs in the United States than there were just five years ago? Knowing which cosmetic dental lab has a solid warranty to back their work, as well as the history and stability to forge into the future is paramount to a dentists’ long-term success.

It seems ad though, regardless of this industry, there is always someone willing to charge less or go cheap. You can probably even find dental labs that provide their services at prices that seem like a bargain. BE CAREFUL! Unfortunately, it’s generally true that you get what you pay for. So, instead of simply searching for the lowest price possible, take the time to find a lab that is competitively priced, but is also willing to stand behind their work. If they can stand behind it, you should too.

More Value for No More Money

dental lab warrantyTreasure Dental Lab has been going strong since 1968 (that’s right, we’re coming up on 50 years here soon.), and we are absolutely confident in the quality of work we provide our dentists to offer a dental lab warranty. Our dental lab warranties include:

● Limited 10 Year Warranty – all Custom Abutments, Emax, Pro-Emax, Zirkonzahn, and Gold restorations
● Limited 7 Year Warranty – all PFM, and Lava hand stack and CZR press restorations
● Limited 5 Year Warranty – all Authentic, Empress, Noritake Refractory, Sinfony, and Hybrid Denture restorations

These warranties are a great way to provide your patients with better value and peace of mind because they are covered for the entire length of the warranty as long as they remain your patient and adhere to their semi-annual cleaning and exam.

Contact Treasure Dental today to learn more about these warranties or learn more about our labs cosmetic dentistry cases studies and experience that we can leverage on your behalf.