It seems like in today’s world new businesses start up all the time thinking they are going to revolutionize an industry. And to be fair, quite a bit of that does happen. However, that is more of the exception than the rule. When it comes to operating a cosmetic dental lab with premier services, we try hard to be on the forefront of technological advances and the adoption of new techniques, but our primary ingredient for longevity and success is the stability and reliability of our dental lab technicians.

As with any well-oiled machine, all moving parts need to be in synchronization and work together in a well-timed manner. An integral part of our team’s success is our Crown and Bridge/Opaque team. Between them, they have over 40 years of experience to bring to the table. Experience that is backed by a continual effort to improve upon their craft through education and application. Here’s a quick look at the lab technicians that make up this team.

Dental Lab Crown and Bridge Team Members

Brett Memmott, CDT

Celebrating 20 years with Treasure Dental this year, Brett Memmott is Mr. Reliable. He began working with us clear back in the 90’s, 1997 to be exact, and we couldn’t be more pleased that he is still with us today. As a graduate of the American Institute of Medical and Dental Technology, Brett has had extensive training, including, but not limited to drop wax techniques, metal techniques, and Zirconia scanning. Brett really enjoys creating things with his hands and working in the team atmosphere we encourage at the lab. Helping others receive the smile that they’ve always dreamt about brings a smile to his own face, something Brett sure seems to wear a lot around here. When he’s not shaping up someone’s smile he is creating memories with his family, often through hiking, skiing, snow shoeing, or other outdoor activities.

Josh Brizee

Josh graduated from the American Institute of Dental Technology program in Provo, UT. His attention to detail, patience, and commitment to the process are just some of the skills we so appreciate about Josh. He has been a stable part of our cosmetic dental lab team since 2004 and we have no desire to see him move anywhere. When we asked Josh what keeps him around here he said, “I like the work and especially the atmosphere. I think this is a place where I can learn a lot and a place that will always have work for me.” Aside from crafting crowns, josh also enjoys crafting products with wood. I guess he would have been a great fit for George Washinton and his wooden teeth.

Adrian Eames

Not long after Josh was hired on he was followed by Adrian Eames. It’s a little crazy to think that Adrian has been around since 2005. Originally hired to work in the model and die department, his diligent work ethic, and eagerness to learn soon paved the path for him to join our Crown and Bridge team. Adrian is our resident CAD/CAM and Digital Impression specialist. His conscientious attention to the work makes him perfectly suited for his role and as a valuable asset for Treasure Dental Lab. one thing w love about Adrian is his desire to continually learn new techniques and then apply those techniques to his work. Like many of us, he loves spending time with his family and friends, particularly in the outdoors.

Dental Lab tech

Dustin Tanner

Dustin Tanner has been with Treasure Dental for about a year now, but prior to coming here had been working in another lab for 5 years. As a graduate of the Ameritech College of Health Care – Dental Lab Technician program, Dustin has a great foundational knowledge of dental technology that has proven to be a valuable asset for us. He is a detailed and quality oriented individual who provides a calm approach to our team. Early on Dustin told us that “From the time I was in school I had heard great things about Treasure Dental Lab and the people that worked there, so when the position opened up, which doesn’t happen very often, I applied quickly – best decision I ever made!” Well, Dustin we agree…best decision you ever made for sure.

We understand that the life of a dental lab technician isn’t always glamorous. To be honest, most of our technicians probably prefer it that way, but sometimes we just get the urge to share with the world how wonderful our team is. So thanks for indulging us as spotlighted a few of our unsung hero’s.