In the cosmetic dental lab industry, there are often times “reputable” labs that for some reason, seem to come and go over short periods of time. A reliable sign that a dental lab maintains high quality and a sound reputation is their longevity. Here at Treasure Dental Lab, we don’t profess to be “The Best” lab in the country, but we certainly do pride ourselves on the quality of our craftsmanship, our dependability of service, and our long-standing business relationships with dentists from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Akin to that is the amount of in-house expertise we have with our certified dental technicians that have been with us for decades.

We also feel that now is as good a time as any to let these professionals provide some firsthand insight into what we do every day, and some of the most common questions they field as they work closely with our dentists, covering all types of cosmetic dental lab cases. So we asked them a series of questions. Here are some of their responses.

What Has Been Your Biggest Accomplishment Since Working at Treasure Dental Lab?

Certified Dental Technician
Porcelain Dental Tech
Dental Technician

“…I find the most satisfaction in doing the larger cases involving all the anteriors, if not the full-mouth rehabilitation cases. They challenge me, but I love to see the end result and I like to be able to evaluate them in an effort to improve in the future.”

– Clint Hall

“Honestly, my biggest accomplishment is probably just being able to work at Treasure Dental Lab for over 25 years and working in a lot of areas. i.e. Metal Department, Porcelain Department, Trimming Dies, and Dentures.”

-Kathy Hanni

“I think working for TDL for 20+ years is my greatest accomplishment. There’s something to be said for working with any company that long. Working with the same team and going through the changes (good and bad). And of course, pleasing the bosses enough to let them keep you around. ;)”

-Cresta Albertson

“It’s been a big benefit to work at Treasure Dental Lab where I have been expected to learn many things and do them all well. I left a job at a previous lab after being in a stagnant position for over three years with little hope of getting more experience and help to learn new skills.”

– Jeremy Wright

What Are Some Questions a Dentist Has Asked You? What Was Your Answer?

“In the past I had regularly recommended the E.max, because of it’s amazing appearance. But recently, I have been suggesting the Zirkonzahn (full Zirconium). The advancements of techniques in working with this material have greatly improved to the point that it looks nearly as good as the E.max, but with greater strength.”
“I personally like the Vita 3D guides, as they seem to offer more options and more closely replicate the coloring of the natural teeth.”
“I explained the benefits of each and then inquired about the case and the patient’s conditions.”
“I tell them it depends a lot on the type of restoration. When we know what the restoration is, then we can decide on the type or brand of cement that is best.”
“I would rather hand-wax. I feel more in control of all aspects of a crown (occlusion, contours) when I can hold a model of the mouth in my hands. It helps a lot to feel the function of the jaw.”
“Yes, it has come a long way since we started using it.”
“Wax-ups are a very good tool, but patients also need to be aware that there are a lot of factors that need to fall into place in order for their teeth to look exactly like the wax-up.”
“I always give my opinion, based on experience, of which material will look better and which material will be stronger. Then I let them make the final call.”

Having been in the cosmetic dental industry for nearly 50 years, we have seen thousands of cases and plenty of industry and technical changes. But one thing that remains constant is the reliability of a dedicated staff that is committed to excellence. We hope, that for those reading this, our team has been able to provide a little bit of insight regarding the questions and challenges they face, as they prepare cases for our dentists who are providing quality cosmetic dentistry all across the country. If you have any questions regarding the services we offer, the training we undertake, or even our processes, we encourage you to please contact us at any time.