Treasure Dental Lab has been in business doing cosmetic dental lab work for almost 50 years now and going strong.  Over that period of time we have evolved from a small 2 person lab to a 17 person lab, from doing business for a handful of local dentists to doing business with over 100 dentists across the country.

Currently, half of the dentists we work for are in Idaho and the other half are in other states throughout the USA, that means a lot of shipping both to and from our lab.  As an added benefit, we take care of the cost of shipping both ways and we currently use 3 shipping methods, UPS, the USPS, and Go-fer-it, a local carrier.

We have recently added the ability for you to print a shipping label and schedule a pickup on UPS through our website under the “Resources” Tab.  We hope this will be a convenient feature for those who use UPS to ship to us.  If you are one of our current dentists we have set up an account number for you to use that will automatically fill in your address information, if you haven’t already received that number just give us a call and we will provide you with it.  In addition, we want to review a few helpful reminders when shipping cases that will make the shipping process a success for both of us.

  • Remember to wrap all models with packing material as well as around the models inside of the box so that models will be secure and not get broken when shipped. We suggest re-using the packing material we use for wrapping models we send to you.
  • Please make sure that all items that have been in the patients mouth are properly disinfected and placed in sealed bags.
  • The prescription form, pictures and other items should be attached on the OUTSIDE of the sealed bag as not to contaminate them.
  • To help with the ever increasing costs of shipping we ask that you include as many cases as possible into one shipping box.
  • Make sure the shipping label is securely and visibly placed on top of the box, that the box is properly sealed and scheduled for pickup.
  • To comply with HIPPA standards, please DO NOT include the patients name(s) on the outside of the shipping package.
dental lab shipping guide

We appreciate the opportunity in this day and age to do business with so many outstanding dentists across the country and consider it a privilege to help create beautiful smiles for patients both near and far!