For those that have followed us over the past several years, you are probably well aware that Treasure Dental Lab offers a vast array options for restoring a patient’s smile. These options cover anything from a single tooth cosmetic or a full-mouth restoration. As a dental implant lab that prides itself on the highest quality of service we are especially proud to offer implant supported full arch restorations.

Implant supported full arch restorationWe offer these state-of-the-art screw retained hybrid dentures and attached bar removable overdentures as an economically priced restoration option. Dentist’s who have been able to provide this option have found that their patients notice the great look and quality of life that traditional dentures lack. The embarrassment caused by dentures moving during social interactions and the constant preoccupation with attempts to stabilize them leaves the majority of patients dissatisfied. By leveraging our expertise you can offer your patients the benefits of implant supported dentures that will improve their ability to eat like they used to with their original teeth. It will also improve their speech, esthetics, function, and self-esteem.

Premier Implant Partners

Our lab has partnered with two of the best companies in the business, Ivoclar and Nobel Bio-Care, to help in the fabrication of these restorations. When we first began offering these restorations in 2013 we went through extensive training. We continue to invest in our education with this and other restorations in order to learn the best and most reliable methods to make these beautiful, long lasting restorations. We have a solid understanding from start to finish to insure a successful outcome.

Ivoclar IvoBase

dental implant ivobase systemWe are using Ivoclar’s Ivobase to fabricate the denture. The technique focuses on pressing PMMA for the densest acrylic to date. This means outstanding accuracy, strength, and least amount of plaque accumulation. This in conjunction with Ivoclar’s premium teeth, Blue Line and Phonares II, make this a second to none hybrid denture.

Nobel Bio-Care

One of the most exciting opportunities in the dental lab industry is that of being able to take advantage of developing technologies that enable us to provide a better product for your patients. Using NobelProcera CAD software, we are able to reverse engineer a custom milled titanium implant bar that is compatible with most implant companies out there. The accuracy and fit of these bars are very precise and we engineer them to provide the optimal support for the acrylic and teeth.

Dental implant CAD machineThere are two options for bar design in screw retained hybrid dentures: full wrap bars, where acrylic wraps all the way around the bar; and the Montreal bar, where we leave highly polished milled titanium on the underside of the bar to make it very hygienic and easy to clean.

We offer three options for the bar design with overdentures: free form bar with locators or ball attachments, Paris bar with locators or ball attachments, and a Precision bar with locking pin attachments. All the bars we fabricate through Nobel are backed by a five year factory warranty. These hybrid dentures make a great restorative material for the ALL-ON-4 technique.

Case Planning Assistance

implant dental restorationWe now offer case planning and guided implant surgery through the use of Nobel Clinician. Using the CBCT scan, we import this into the software to design the best placement of the implants according to the amount of bone. We can provide a surgical stint, called Nobel Guide, to insure proper placement of the implants. We can provide a scan appliance for the CBCT scan and the parameters needed to achieve this. We can also provide the teeth in a day concept by providing an interim denture that can be converted to the dental implants on the day of placement as long as the implants have a torque value of 35 Ncm or can be worn as a conventional denture during the integration phase.

For our local doctors, we offer the chair side conversion of the patient’s existing denture or our interim denture for the teeth in a day concept.

For those full arch dental implant patients who want the very best, we offer the Pro-Emax bridge. This is a combination of custom milled titanium bar with Emax crowns cemented to it with pink tissue, to provide the ultimate in esthetics.

For those implant patients that are bruxers and hard on their teeth, we can do a ZirkonZahn Bridge where we leave all the posterior teeth and the lingual and incisal of the anterior teeth in the strong monolithic material and only layer the facial of the anterior teeth to provide nice esthetics.

Whatever the case may present we will be more than happy to help you come up with the best treatment plan that will leave the patient thrilled with their choice and your service. It’s really quite simple. At Treasure Dental Lab you help the patient look good, we help you look good. Call us today at 1-800-325-5244 or contact us here for more information