At this wonderful time of year, when we tend to spend more time reflecting upon how many wonderful blessings we have in our lives, we at Treasure Dental Lab wish to publicly express some of the innumerable things which we are grateful for. At Treasure Dental Lab we are grateful that:

We work in an industry that can change people’s lives for the better – Beautiful Smiles Everytime!

We thoroughly love having an opportunity to bless others lives, and while there are many ways this can happen, a beautiful smile is a gift that can continue to share light with others.

We have a team of talented dedicated technicians and staff who we consider to be family

Treasure Dental really is a family and we wouldn’t be anywhere without our wonderful technicians and staff members

We get to work with loyal Dentists

So many Dentists and their teams from across the country are committed to excellence in dentistry – we value those relationships!

We live and work in such a beautiful part of the country where we are surrounded by nature

Being located in Idaho, we get to enjoy beautiful seasons and the activities associated with spending time outdoors.

We are citizens of this great nation – The United States of America

Even with some of her faults The United States of America is still the best nations on this earth to live and pursue our dreams.
TDL Thankful turkey

We have freedom of Religion

A Right that was foremost on the minds of our founding fathers, is not lost on us. How grateful we are for such a blessing.

We have good health

Good health and vibrant minds allow us the ability to work doing what we love.

We all have wonderful family & friends

Having solid relationships makes life more enjoyable and we would not be where we are without the strength of our family and friends who encourage us to strive for the best.

We have the means and ability to give back

Through donated dental organizations and humanitarian work we are able to provide service and health care to others who are less fortunate.

We have brave men and women in the military

Our nation and freedoms would not be what they are without the men and women who make the ultimate sacrifice for our welfare.

We hope that you too have much to be grateful for this holiday season. And from our family to yours we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.