For aesthetic purposes, Dental implants are the next best thing to natural, healthy teeth because they look like the real thing. So what are their benefits?

• Stable and strong, implants restore lost teeth as if you’ve never lost them while other options may lead to deterioration of the bone and can interfere with speaking, smiling, eating, and other activities.

• Implants are built to last a lifetime, unlike dental bridges that can only last up to seven years.

• They feel natural so you don’t have to worry about being embarrassed because of an unnatural smile. Dentures can be uncomfortable so you can lose confidence in front of other people. Implants don’t have that disadvantage.

• Implants don’t alter the shape of your face or smile. With dentures, your face tends to sag because of the lost teeth.

Dental Implant Patient• They protect your jawbone. The jawbone may deteriorate when you lose a few teeth because of the empty spaces. Implants fill in those gaps, thus preserving and stimulating natural bone growth.

• There are no dentures in cups so your teeth stay inside your mouth. Dentures need to be removed at night for cleaning and soaking. Implants are like natural teeth so you take care of them the usual way.

• You can speak naturally. Dentures tend to alter the way you speak so you struggle in pronouncing words. That won’t happen with implants.

• You can eat naturally. Denture wearers are always conscious when eating, fearing that they might get embarrassed when the dentures come off while biting or chewing food. You can eat like people with natural teeth do if you have implants.

• You wouldn’t have to worry about cavities. Although you will still need to care for implants like you would natural teeth, such as brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist regularly, these artificial teeth will never have cavities.

• There are no worries about embarrassing yourself as you would have with dentures. Even with denture adhesives, they still have a tendency to fall out when you talk, eat, laugh, smile, yawn, cough, or kiss. That’s why denture wearers need to reposition them every once in a while. Implants are fixed and won’t move — just like normal teeth.

• Implants protect your natural teeth. Tooth-supported bridges require that you grind the healthy teeth at the sides to put on the crown. The process may ruin the healthy teeth. Implants go directly to the jawbone so they don’t impact healthy teeth. They also prevent existing teeth from moving or shifting when there are empty spaces where teeth used to be.

• They are easier to restore and repair. Unlike other methods like bridgework, dentures, and root canal therapy, implants are easier to maintain and have a higher chance of success.

Getting dental implants is the best choice you have if you want natural-looking teeth without sacrificing the shape of your face and introducing other issues like worn-out natural teeth, a sagging face, and/or a deteriorating jawbone. To make sure that you are a good candidate for implants, you should learn more about the dental implant procedure, as well as visit your dentist so he or she can assist you and decide if implants are your best option.