As many cosmetic dentists will attest, one of the major factors to be considered when partnering with a trusted dental Lab is the communication relationship between the lab and the dental practice it partners with. As with any other partnership, or client relationship, clear and consistent communication are paramount to optimal success. Treasure Dental Lab makes this one of our highest priorities when it comes to the quality of service rendered.

In order to meet this high standard to which we have set ourselves, and to which others have grown accustomed to, we have set forth certain policies and procedures internally, which enable us to keep track of the progress of individual cases and also seek the feedback from our dentists.These policies and procedures are not an exact science, nor are they intended to be. However, since our beginning in 1968, we have learned quite a few things about this relationship and what makes a successful partnership between a cosmetic dentist and a cosmetic Dental Lab.

The following are some of the more important and critical steps that we take regularly in order to meet that standard. These are the steps that our dentists can count on when it comes to relying on solid communication from us.

Initial Contact With a New Dentist

dental lab starter packetWe typically make contact with dentists either through the internet or through referrals of others who have used our services before, often while working in different dental offices. When we first come in contact with a dentist who could be a prospective client, we typically send out one of our free starter packets. This is a packet with information on our lab, a price list, prescription forms, shipping box with return labels, plus a preference form to use when sending in any cases. We have found that sending out a starter packet makes a very easy and clear way for dentists to understand what we are all about as a dental lab, the standard of quality that we hold ourselves to, and what their next steps are in moving forward with cases.

Receiving a Cosmetic Dentistry Case

Once a dentist has decided they would like to use Treasure Dental Lab for a specific case and we receive that case, it is flagged and documented internally with all the specifications required. After a case has been documented and logged a specialist from the lab will call the doctor directly to discuss specifics of the case. These specifics can be varied and extremely detailed when necessary.

Completing the Cosmetic Dentistry Case

Certified Dental Technicians WorkingDuring the process of completing a case in the lab, it is not uncommon for our technicians to call the doctor’s office with questions, suggestions, and feedback. We certainly try not to nag, but we do find this to be one of the more key elements in successful partnership, as it is a great learning experience and tool for both the technician and the dentist. We also find that we eliminate many headaches that would otherwise occur if we can fix any potential issues early on in the process. Having direct communication between the technician that has their hands on the case and the dentist is crucial in this regard.

Sending the Case to the Dental Office

Once the case has been completed and passed all internal checks and requirements, it is then sent to the dental office. There is most often, a follow-up call once the case has been sent out so that we can get additional feedback from the dentist once they have the case themselves. Again, this provides valuable learning opportunities for both parties, especially as we get used to one another unique preferences. It should be noted that many of our dentists have been partnering with us for years, and even decades. Those with a longer standing relationship sometimes require less frequent feedback and communication simply because we have learned what to expect from one another and how to mutually accomplished excellence.

Formal Evaluation

Another thing that we have implemented in sending all of our cases out with a QCA form for the doctor to fill out and send back. Once these forms are returned our lead technician and co-owner, John treasure, reviews the form and addresses any issues with the technicians that completed the work, and if issues warrant, a call is placed to the doctor if there are any possible patterns of problems.

Additional Touch Points

Outside of communicating about specific cases, we also have regular email correspondence with our dentists, as well as a yearly newsletter. This publication contains important information and updates regarding our lab, our services or new products, trends within the industry, and the other important topics. We also do some form of continuing education every year for our doctors and their staff.

Our experience has taught us a lot. It is taught us a lot in regards to technique. It has taught us a lot when it comes to specific products. It has taught us a lot about different technological developments and advancement. But one of the most critical things we have learned over the 45-plus years as a dental lab is the value of good communication and the personal touch.That’s one reason we don’t even use an automated phone system. When you call our office a live person will cheerfully answer the phone and do their very best to answer any questions or concerns you may have, whether they are general or very specific to an individual case. If you have not yet ever connected with us we invite you to do so, so that you can experience what a friendly and personal business relationship feels like.