Are you in need of some sort of cosmetic dental treatment, but afraid of what your ending results may look like? We all yearn for great results, but we want results that also look as normal as possible. The good news is that you can avoid unwanted results with a proper diagnostic wax-up. Think of these as an insurance policy for your priceless smile. Reduce your preparation appointment time and have beautiful results. You can choose from four types of diagnostic wax ups, depending on the type of cosmetic dentistry procedure you are looking to have done.

What is a Wax-Diagnostic?

IMG_0126-webA wax diagnostic wax-up is a blueprint procedure used by professionals to help communicate valuable information between you, the dental laboratory, the dentist, or other dental specialists. It helps practitioners fully visualize the restorative needs of their patients. It can be hard to see, or visualize, certain dental procedures. So, a diagnostic wax-up is one of the best tools designed to assist in the visualization process.

The Diagnostic Wax-Up Process

The procedure is relatively simple. Typically all it takes are simple dental impressions of the your teeth. From this impression, a dental cast replica of your teeth is then created. After the cast impressions are done we then begin by modifying the shape, size, and contour the location or position of your teeth before beginning the treatment plan.

Benefits of a Wax-up?

cosmetic dental wax up patientThere are plenty of benefits from getting a wax-up diagnostic. Here are a few benefits that should encourage you want to get a diagnostic of your own.

Get a developed unique treatment plan for your specific needs. A wax-up diagnostic can help determine what treatments are needed without touching your mouth. The wax-ups are a trial run of the treatment plan. I’m sure you would agree, that it is 10-times better to make changes to the treatment plan on a wax-up, rather than after the treatment has been done on your mouth. Why not get a personalized blueprint of the treatment you are about to embark on, before the actual treatment process begins? You can see a preview of what your mouth will look like after the treatment is completed. If you are not happy with the plan, then you still have time to make needed changes.

Types of Wax-up Procedures?

Generally there are four types of diagnostic wax-ups that are commonly used. It all depends on what type of diagnostic you prefer to use. It is also recommended to consult with your practitioner, and their dental lab, to see what diagnostic he or she recommends for your needs.

Basic Diagnostic wax-up:

wax up The basic wax-up helps develop an overall blueprint for the procedures needed to be done. With these molds, minimal waxing is used and placed in necessary areas. The molds can be marked to show necessary crown lengthening. The wax will cover those specific areas to help visualize areas of improvement. This is definitely the tool of choice to help communicate with the laboratory technician. Out of all the wax-up options, this is the least costly option and the best tool for visualization.

Full contour wax-up:

full contour wax upThe full contour wax-up is used when esthetics and contours are included in the treatment plan. It contains the same visualization as the basic wax-up. The difference is that this one uses more more wax for the visualization process. This option is used if there are missing teeth and replacements are necessary. The dental lab then creates proper tooth forms and functions. The benefit of a full wax-up is that it helps correct provisionals.

Case presentation wax-up:

case presentation wax upThe case presentation wax-up is a helpful tool that helps you see the end result of the treatment plan. To create the wax-up the teeth are made to look as they would be in your mouth. This wax-up presentation is useful when done with a basic diagnostic wax-up. The case presentation wax-up takes more time for the lab technician to prepare the amazing end results.

Orthodontic wax-up:

IMG_0196An orthodontic wax-up can help show if an enamel reduction needed to be done. With this diagnostic professionals are able to measure and document reductions on the wax-up. Professionals can achieve occlusal stability, repositioning goals, and document dimensions of teeth.

Our Dental Lab Wax-Up Team

If you are seriously considering a cosmetic dentistry procedure, you should also be aware of the dental lab the technicians with which your dentist associates. Here at Treasure Dental Lab you are in great hands. Our professionals are routinely trained to give you marvelous results and service.

Meet MaryBeth Holverson

Wax up technician She has been with Treasure Dental Lab since 2000. She graduated from the American Institute of Medical and Dental Technology. She’s had tremendous amounts of experience and training courses. MaryBeth loves working in the cosmetic waxing department.

We asked her what she enjoyed about her career and she said, “I like working with my hands and feeling like I have accomplished something worthwhile.”
Marybeth enjoys hiking, sketching, and spending time with her wonderful family.

Meet Jonathan Fleming

Jonathan began working with Treasure Dental Lab in 2001. He works in our crown and bridge department. Due to his great contouring waxing abilities, he moved into the cosmetic waxing department in 2005. He graduated from the American Institute of Medical and Dental Technology. Jonathan received specialized training in the drop wax technique. This is one of the things he likes about his career: “I like the opportunity to work with my hands on a precision level and working with great people.”

In his spare time he enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife and three kids. He enjoys sculpting wildlife art and sculptures.

Get the perfect smile you deserve with our diagnostic wax-ups. Avoid the risk of dissatisfaction and ensure you get the results you will love with a wax-up. Ensure your smile today with the professionals at Treasure Dental Lab. Chose between a basic wax-up, full contour wax-up, case presentation wax-up, or an orthodontic wax-up. Save your hard owned money and see what the end results will look like before the treatment even begins.